The Nursery

I could not be more excited or more in love with the way Natalia’s nursery turned out. We had visions of what we wanted (thank you Pinterest) but took awhile to get started and put plans in motions. Pablo pretty much let me do what I wanted to do in the room which made my heart happy, but I’m not sure about the checkbook. 😉

The nursery used to be our office so we had to figure out what we were going do with all of the office stuff. That was the hardest part and some of the stuff is still sitting in the guest bedroom. I’m sure by the time she’s here we’ll have everything organized and put in the right spots, at least I hope we will!

Anyway, most people know purple is one of my favorite colors and I wanted to incorporate that in her room somehow. Do you know how hard it is to find purple stuff for a girl? Everything is pink, which is perfectly okay but my heart was set on purple. I ended up giving up on my “mainly purple” dream and threw some pink and other colors in there. Now that I can sit in there and enjoy the room, I’m glad I went with all the other colors because the room is bright and welcoming, perfect for sitting in there to nurse and hold her.

I was also planning on painting one of the walls in the room but after we had all of her furniture built, we decided we really liked the dark wood against the beige walls so that never happened.

Almost everything in her room (furniture and decorations) are from Target, Hobby Lobby or Craft Wearhouse. The picture frames above her crib were bought at Craft Wearhouse and then I painted them. Doing little crafts kept me busy during the summer and added a little personal touch to the room.

We have a few more frames to hang up above her crib (they are sitting on top of her bookshelf), but other then that, her room is ready! I know the room won’t be in use for awhile but it’s nice to have it done and ready and people enjoy seeing it when they come over.

Now all we need is our little Baby Mac but no rush on that one!