Baby Shower

Thanks for our wonderful friend Amanda, we were showered with love and gifts on September 6th. It truly was a wonderful shower and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the love we felt that day. There’s no doubt that Natalia is going to be loved and spoiled by many!

The days leading up the baby shower, I was so worried that no one would show up and it would be just Amanda and I sitting there. I have this horrible habit of reading discussion boards and then freaking out that what happened to others will happen to me. I do the same thing when I’m sick and then I convinced myself that I’m dying. Anyway, these boards were full of people having to cancel their showers or no one showing up; I freaked myself out. Thankfully so many people showed up and those that couldn’t come, let me know and even sent gifts.

Again, we can not thank everyone enough for all the love and gifts we have received and we can not wait to share our bundle of joy with each of you!